How it Works!

Initial in home or office meeting

Whether your event is interactive flambé cooking or a chef plated meal, we will need to get together for the planning stage.  This meeting will take place where the eventual party is held so I can get a feel for available space and other logistical needs.  Exhibition cooking events can be held most anywhere, home, office, warehouse…etc.  However, I will typically need a basic kitchen for the chef plated meals.



Party Date

For exhibition parties, get your cameras ready and let’s have some fun! I will arrive at the venue with all the needed ingredients, cooking equipment, and dinnerware (if needed). All the food will be prepped on site. Once we have the cooking order set, it’s go time! The demonstration round begins. I will then supervise and coach all your guests through each phase of the meal until they are the masters of their cooking experience! Heckling and/or encouragement from other guests are appreciated and expected during the cook rounds! Blow it out! Make contests for best sauté chef in your group, best flambé fire….you get the idea 😉.


For chef plated meals….RELAX…..I got this!  You just enjoy spending time with family and friends


Payment of Service

I accept Cash or Check. A Deposit amount is due at booking date. This dollar amount will be sufficient to cover the grocery costs and to ensure the services of ChefMobile LLC. Charges are based on party size with a minimum of $100.00 per event plus the cost of food.

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